My name is Charlise Byers. I’m a young Graphic Designer and Artist with a loudly minimal design style. By constantly learning, collaborating, and sharing with others I provide valuable support and personalized graphics to small businesses and other creatives! I take a vibrant and bold approach to create impactful designs that help you and your business reach its goals.

What is Charlise’s Pieces?

Charlise’s Pieces is a brand that I created because I have a passion for art and design. I specialize in Print & Layout Design, Illustration & Digitization, and Customized Projects, along with high proficiency in Logo Design, Branding, and Web Design. Not only do I provide those services, but I also love to design and create my own products! At the end of the day, I am an artist at heart who enjoys being hands-on and using my imagination to fabricate unique pieces of art.

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Print and Layout Design

Illustration & Digitization

Digital Illustration is used for many things from personal projects to marketing materials. I use mixed style Illustrations to enhance your graphic design collateral needs and help convey your message. I also do digitization which is taking pre-existing artwork, sketches, and photos, and recreating them digitally to be used for many things like Instruction manuals, t-shirts designs, or personal projects.

Custom Project

Whether you need customized products for personal or business purposes, Charlise’s Pieces can help you bring those ideas to life! Customized products can be great for gifts, for personalizing your own space, and for adding personality to a brand or business.

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